My Latest Finds: Gap, Target & Walmart

Today I am sharing some of my favorite finds that I have already been wearing on the cooler days, and yes…I am LOVING the cooler days! Each season it seems as if I am buying a brand new wardrobe (anyone else feel like that?), so I have been on the lookout for items that I can wear to church or out to eat with friends and family. Lord knows I have enough of casual “stay at home clothes”, HA! So, it’s time to level up some of my looks that are appropriate for a casual night out, church, and even for workwear. I am also sharing some new taupe tall boots that I am totally obsessed with, plus my favorite jeans from Express are now 50% off! So be sure to check those out below. I al also sharing a loungewear set from Sophia Vergara from Walmart that is a must-have girls! A must-have!! The pullover is AMAZING!

I am crushing on this Time and Tru sweater and decided to style it with a midi skirt from Gap Factory for a cool fall outfit. This is a great outfit to wear to work, I would be all over this if I was back in an office! This skirt fits TTS and I am wearing a medium, but the sizes are very low right now. These should restock, but until then…I found a very similar one from Amazon that is half the price! See that one here. I added a great pair of black booties from Macy’s, these were a hot trend last year and are still popping this fall! These sell out fast, so if you are looking for a pair, these may be a great option. See the boot here.

Outfit Details: // Sweater // Similar Skirt // Boots

I found this V-Neck Time and Tru olive dress at my local Walmart and it is just what I was looking for to add to my fall wardrobe. This runs a little big, so I would size down. This comes in a pretty black floral print also. It’s under $17 and a great option for work! Style it with booties, and when you can break out those tall boots, it will be super cute with tall suede boots and a denim jacket! Oh my gosh… I can’t wait, LOL!! See the dress here.

Outfit Details: // Dress // Sandals // Amazon Crossbody // Bracelet

My newest addition the my growing obsession with Victoria Emerson boho cuffs is this Bourse cuff. This is a mix of textures, beads, and gold, and I love wearing it. I did find out something with VE that I will share with you. Some of these cuffs may be a bit snug, so if they are snug on your wrist, email customer service and ask them if they offer an extender because of the fit – they will promptly send you an extender FREE of charge! Now that’s the customer service that I’m loving! I am not wearing the extender in this picture, but will show the difference once it arrives. See the Bourse cuff here.

Puff sleeves are one of the biggest trends this fall and I am in absolute love with this one from Target. The sleeves are not too puffy and look very dressy with jeans, it’s a very affordable option to dress up a pair of jeans for a night out for dinner with friends or family. I am wearing a large in this sweater and glad I bought the large instead of the medium. I noticed the hem hit right between the waist and hip, and with my height, I would need the large for the longer length to style it with jeans and skirts. See this cute sweater here. This also comes in a cream and a gorgeous blush pink.

Outfit Details: // Sweater // Similar Jeans From Express Only $30 // Boot Mules

I have never tried the Sophia Vergara line at Walmart, so I started looking around and found this cute loungewear set and I must admit…her line is 100% nice! Well, as far as I can tell…this is my first purchase from her line. I can tell you that the material is super soft and I love it so well that I will be trying out more of her line to share with you. I decided to show a few different ways I would wear the FABULOUS pullover for fall. I love it with the leather leggings! How about you? Which way would you wear it? Outfit Details: // Pullover (wearing a large) // Joggers (wearing a medium) // Similar White Jeans From Express 50% Off // Target Faux Leather Leggings // Adidas Sneakers // Mule Boots

I had to share this black and white wide striped sweater from Target, because I think it will be a hot item. If you are going to buy a fall sweater, I totally recommend this one. It fits relaxed, very stylish and can be worn with so many items! Pair it with jeans, skirts, or even over a fitted casual black dress that you want to transform! See the sweater here. I also want to highlight the taupe knee high boots I am wearing. I have looked high and low for a boot that was age appropriate (not too high or tight over the knee) and one that has a small heel or a flat boot. These Lucky Brand Calypso boots are WINNERS! These fit TTS and are a pull on style, the front is suede, but the back of the boot has stretch in the material that fits perfect with jeans or without jeans. ( I tried them with a dress also and they stay up great!). See the boots here. My button fly jeans are 50% off right now, check all the jeans from Express (they fit awesome 🥰) that are on sale here.

Outfit Details: // Sweater (wearing a large) // Express Jeans (on sale 50% off) // Lucky Brand Calypso Knee High Boots

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! You girls rock! I have said that lately? All of your comments and the way you sprinkle sunshine not only for me, but everyone else, is such a blessing! I am on the way for my MRI and will be sending out an email later today with any updates, plus I will add all the top faves in August in the email. I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful day and are blessed beyond measure! XOXO

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Julie Ladage

    Oh my what a week you’ve had. Hoping the MRI helps the doctors figure out how to help you. My favorite today would be the v neck pullover from walmart!

  • Deb

    Good luck with the MRI. You certainly have had a crazy week! I was gardening once in my yard and was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets too. I was flopping around on the front lawn yelling but no one came to help me either. Those things were all over, in my hair, up my shorts. Fortunately I am not allergic. Love the. green dress💕

  • Chris

    Hope all goes well with your MRI today. We will all be praying! 🙏🏻 Very cute outfits today! Hope Chase is doing ok,God love him for holding onto his dog!!!!! That is so scary about the yellow jackets!!! Would love to see how your porch looks! It is fun getting out the fall decor!!!

  • Beth

    I’m sorry to hear about all hose stings,Ouch! I hope your feeling better. I love the green dress 😍. I’ve been loving any green right now. That bracelet is to die for!! I hope your week gets better!!

    • Jami Rogers

      So sorry about all those stings and Chase’s fall! I’m glad you can tell the story with humor-that’s how I manage my own not-so-fun “surprises”! Praying the answers are found today and that God keeps you still as you wait.
      I am loving the jogger set, the green dress, and the sweaters! I get as excited as Kilo when I see your post in my email! Haha

      • Beverly

        Hey Jami!! I didn’t laugh too much about the stings, but I still laugh at Chase. Bless his heart!! I feel like a bad mom, but…I think it was payback. When he was around 12, he was rolling out the trash can and I was fixing to dump the cat litter box. As I was walking down the cement ramp of the driveway, I tripped over my own feet. I fell smack dab in the litter box and had bruises across my chest and stomach from where I slammed into it. We had to cut my shirt off me. I was so mad at myself. Well, Chase just looks at me, keeps rolling the trash can and says, Man, that looked like it hurt. Turned his head and kept walking. I have never let him live that down😂

  • Melanie

    Good Morning! Wow what a weekend you & Chase have had. Ouch 🤕 praying for you. Praying they can find out what’s causing the pressure in your eye. It’s all in The Lords hands. Thank you for sharing these lovely outfits. I’m loving that pull over with those leggings you have. That is how I would wear it. I’ll have to look for that one cause I was in Walmart yesterday and didn’t see it. Well I tried to stay out of the clothes section lol. I get way tempted to buy everything you style hahaha. Have a wonderful day. I’m having a girls day out today. Keeping you in my prayers through out the day.

  • Lynna

    Glad that you and Chase are no worse off than you are! Trust that your MRI goes good today. Love all of the outfits! I picked up the white sweater from Walmart last weekend and I LOVE it! Love the green dress too but our Walmart doesn’t carry it and it’s sold out online. They do have the black print though online and it looks really pretty. Also, I finally broke down and purchased the white button front jeans from Loft that you wear a lot. I love them except they are reaaaaaally high waisted on me. Do they have something comparable in a mid-waist style? Or maybe you could recommend a mid-waist white jean from another retailer? Thanks again!

  • Patti

    Beverly, you are a true steel magnolia! Your strong faith, your optimistic view and your willingness and/or ability to roll with the punches are inspiring. Prayers and good vibes sent your way!

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh, you are too sweet!! I grew up with 2 older brothers snd I literally learned how to roll with the punches 😂😂 I always try to keep a positive mindset because I know that everything that happens, there is a reason for it that is to turn all things to good. So I will eat the dirt every now and then lol!! Hugs!!!

  • Vonda

    Praying your MRI goes well today and you get some answers. Sounds like an eventful week for sure…yellow jackets are no joke!! Love all the looks today, but my favorite would be the striped sweater and the lounge half-zip and joggers. Well, I really like the V-neck sweater and skirt, too!

  • Kelly Palmer

    As I was reading the post I could visualize Chase and giggled myself. I am so glad that I am not the only one that laughs at inappropriate times. If Troy gets hurt (not seriously or life threatening) I will giggle like crazy and he always says stuff like, “go ahead and laugh, you know you want to!” I guess it is the way that I handle stress or something. Anyway, so glad that you are ok and sorry for the pain that you experienced. Did you have to use an epi pen? I hope that the MRI with show what is going on with you and that it will be something easy to treat. Praying for you my friend!!

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh, you are exactly like me!! The giggles come out when it’s the worst times!! I remember when my dad had a heart attack and was in ICU. He went in the hospital on a Sunday and Monday I was at school snd my teacher ( her hubs was one of my dads best friends) was asking me what happened and how was he. I was telling her and laughing the entire time. I was so embarrassed of my actions and had no clue why I was giggling like that. It was serious! I’ve been like that my entire life. I even got tickled at church one Sunday night ( we always sat up front) and I got my mom to giggling, I got so bad I had to walk outside. I could not control it. The choir director was sitting in the choir looking at us grinning from ear to ear 😂😂😂 I did not have an Epi pen, so I took 3 Benadryl pills. The stings on the head were the worst. Oh my gosh! Whew! Chase is doing much better, doggone it, I’m starting to giggle again 😂

  • Jami Rogers

    Oh my gosh…that cat litter story! Ouch! Your son’s response….yep…karma! Lol I’m also “graceful”, just like you! 😂
    We had just gotten our dog, and she became instantly bonded with me. She followed me everywhere. I had walked around the pool to head out to the garden and she spotted me from the deck, came sprinting across the top of the pool cover toward me. Oh my gosh, all I could picture was this poor puppy becoming trapped under the cover and the ice beneath the pool. (It was spring in Michigan) So I started running back to try to rescue her, ran smack into the dried pampas grass, fell flat on my face, jumped right back up, kept running, and snatched her off the top of the pool! Then I busted out laugh-crying like a maniac, as I often do!
    Of course my husband and kids saw the whole thing, and couldn’t believe their eyes and all my talent. Lol But hey, I’m still the dog’s favorite and that’s all that matters!!

  • Laurie Nichols Orlando

    I don’t know how I missed this post but oh my word – YOU POOR THING!!! I hope you didn’t get stung too badly and recovered quickly. Insect stings are the worst!!

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