Top Faves Of The Week + Sunday Inspiration

Another week has wrapped up, and I’m sharing the Top Faves from the blog and social media. Many of the things I shared last week were a huge hit with all of you! Some items I knew would be popular, and some items surprised me that they moved to the top so fast. What I do know…you girls love a great sweater as much as I do, HA! My Sunday Inspiration section is at the bottom of the post for those that like to read the devotionals I share. Happy Sunday, ladies!

This sweater is only $10 and was a HUGE favorite this week! This Fits TTS and comes in multiple color and print options. Check out the sale before it’s too late! See the sweater here.

The Time and Tru V-neck Lightweight Sweater is only $15 and it’s a bargain. I find myself wearing this one quite a lot, it’s comfortable, it’s a longer style sweater, and Fits TTS. This also comes in multiple color options. See it here.

The Tessie Sherpa Hiking Boot is a favorite on the blog and with the weather getting cooler, this will continue to be a fave. Hiking boots are trending this season and this one is a steal for only $28! That’s right, Target has put the favorite boot on sale and you can see it here.

The Sonoma Soft Flannel Plaid shirt was a big hit with you girls! Well, buckle up because these plaid flannels are on sale for only $10 now!! This comes in several color options, it’s very comfortable, Fits TTS, and did I mention this shirt was only $10??? USe code YOUGET20, see it here.

My favorite coat is the Soft Brushed Funnel Neck Coat from Old Navy, and this is on sale for only $37! This is a very nice coat, and for this price, it’s a HUGE bargain. This can be worn dressy or with a casual outfit. The wool coat is a very popular trend with jeans and sneakers. See the coat here.

The Striped Mock Neck Pullover from Target came in at #6 and is on sale for $20! Wow, these deals on these sweaters are killing me! This is a comfortable and cozy sweater! I styled it with leggings but looks great with jeans for an easy “put together” look. This comes in more color options, you can check it out here.

At #7 is the Chambray shirt that is 50% off at Old Navy. This Fits TTS and comes in a darker wash also. See it here. The cute Croft & Barrow paid vest was a huge hit at #8, and it only went on the blog yesterday! This vest comes in multiple color options, fits TTS, and is only $15. This is a woven quilted vest that is very comfortable to wear throughout the day. Use code YOUGET20, see the vest here.

The day I posted this outfit, RewardStyle went down because of an issue with Amazon’s server. But…this Camo cardigan still made the top 10! This is a lightweight cardigan that has pockets and is very comfortable to wear with shirts or tanks. This Fits TTS, I am wearing a medium for reference. This is on sale for only $23 right now. This comes in multiple colors and options, so grab yours fast! See it here.

The Marlee Knee High Heeled Boot came in at #10 and let me just say this…get it! These boots are awesome, and I have the snakeskin and the cognac color. These are on sale for $27, which is a steal because they are normally $40. See the boot here.

Tying at #10 is the Lounge V-Neck Pullover Sweater by Stars Above. This cutie is on sale for $17! I’m telling ya, Target is kicking it with the deals! This is super comfortable, and you can pair it with sweater joggers also. See the sweater here, and the joggers are here. Both Fits TTS.

Sunday Inspiration

Today my devotion was on Aging Gracefully, which is something I think wearing all have issues with. For one, I can look in the mirror and see everything that is wrong with me in my eyes. Yet my husband can look at me and think I’m the prettiest girl he’s ever seen. We all look at ourselves more critically than anyone else. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror from the side and think, “Oh my gosh, I am so thick? Or boy, have I gained weight?”. Yet, we can look at someone else the exact same size and think they look fabulous?! We need to stop that! Every day, I try to stop being critical and start appreciating every line, every lump, or bump because I have been given a gift—a gift of life. I have lived much longer than many, I have gained wisdom, and I have been fortunate to experience love within my 50+ years. I hope you enjoy my devotion and remember…you are beautiful and uniquely made! God made you, and he makes no mistakes! Thanks for stopping by the blog, and have a wonderful Sunday girls! XOXO

“I will still be the same when you are old and gray, and I will take care of you.” Isaiah 46:4

As we grow older, our bodies begin to change. Woman’s hips extend to new horizons on the east, our previously robust skin begins to droop, and veins pop up in the most unlikely places. But instead of criticizing the body, we have, shouldn’t we appreciate the years and maturity we have been blessed with? After decades of trial and error, we finally are able to get a grip on our unique sets of gifts and abilities. We are able to understand how to best use them for God’s glory. Our eyesight might be deteriorating, but our insight is keener than ever. Appreciate your ability to take your eyes off the mirror and focus on what’s more important.

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Tracey Crews

    Thank you Beverly ❤️. This post is what I needed to hear today. You are so right about how we see ourselves and our hubby sees differently. It is a privilege to growing older and it isn’t for the vaint of
    I lost my Mom in June of this year to cancer, she was 70. I think of her so much and how more beautiful she became with each year. Thank you again for being so easy to relate to with your blog. Love, Tracey

    • Beverly

      Thank you Tracey!! You are so right!! I will be praying for you during the holidays, I know how hard it is. I lost my dad when I was 19. It gets easier, but the missing them never seems to go away. ❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼

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