2 Fall Dresses Featuring Target

Many of us love to wear dresses in the fall with our taller boots or all those cute booties we have stashed in our closets. Most of us love a comfortable dress because it’s easy to style and it can be multifunctional; who doesn’t like the “one and done” outfit? We love having an item that we can wear to work with a blazer or wear with booties or sneakers and a denim jacket on the weekend. Today I have 2 dresses from Target that are affordable (cha-ching) and can be worn in multiple ways. I even found a few ways to work for maturing women (like myself) that might want to hide the knees in the cooler months.

I found this adorable sweater dress from Target that comes in 4 different colors, the olive is gorgeous! I thought I ordered this in olive, but to my surprise – I ordered another rust beauty, lol! It fits loose with a chic mock neck, the sleeves have a slight bell shape, and fits TTS – I am wearing a medium for reference. I am 5’7″, so this dress is a little short on me. It hits about 3-inches above my knee, which is a tad too short for me. I like my dresses no more than 2-inches above the knee or right at my knee. This dress has a little stretch in it which makes it super comfy. Outfit Details: // Sweater Dress // Handbag (on sale for 40% off) // Beige Knee-High Boots (on sale for 50% off) // Boho Earrings // Pearl/Gold Link Necklace // Toggle Initial Necklace

As I was changing my clothes, I slid on my leggings and realized that I could wear this dress differently. I’m a little modest, and I do not like shorter dresses since I have gotten older, so this option is the one that works for me. I did a poll on my Instastories and this way was the option 89% of women our age would wear this dress. That’s some stats right there! Which way would you wear it? Drop a comment below and let me know! I think this is a casual-chic look for women of all ages. Outfit Details: // Sweater Dress // Express Leggings // Handbag // Leopard Loafers

This black floral babydoll dress is extra cute and I will be wearing this with black tights as it gets colder. This is a short-sleeved tiered dress with plenty of room and definitely forgiving to the figure. I might even wear black leggings and boots with this dress for a different look. I think dresses are a simple addition to any wardrobe but have the most possibilities. Blazers, moto jackets, cardigans, sneakers, booties, heels…you can add any of these and make multiple outfits. This is what we want! We want to have clothing that can be worn in multiple ways and save the $$!

I styled this with a leather Moto Jacket and the classic denim jacket with short booties and tall boots. My husband liked the black Moto Jacket with black booties the best, which way do you girls prefer? All jackets fit TTS. Outfit Details: // Moto Jacket (similar on sale for $20 – DOORBUSTER) // Dress // Denim Jacket (similar- on sale for $20 – DOORBUSTER) // Handbag // Black Booties // Knee-High Boots

My purse is the Quilted Nappa Shoulder Bag from Talbots and it is on sale for 40% off right now. Talbots is having their Friends & Family Event this weekend and everything is 40% off and free shipping over $150. See the handbag here (comes in black and dark rum). Shop the Talbots Sale HERE.

The Marky Necklace is the Featured Jewelry item this week and it’s a show stopper! These colorful chunky beads with a removable leopard print clay pendant caught my eye and I think it would look so pretty with this Sweater Poncho from Target and a pair of jeans. See the Marky necklace here.

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Alright girls, let me know which way you would style these dresses! I love hearing your feedback! For those new to the blog, Brooklyn is my 5-year-old granddaughter, and I will be keeping her today. So I am excited to spend the weekend with her and catch up on all the “kindergarten gossip” ha! She always keeps me on the edge of my seat when she tells her stories. Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and I hope you girls have a relaxing weekend! XOXO

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  • Lisa

    Beautiful Beverly….Oh My Word, you nailed it with the rust colored dress. Of course you know that rust and burgundy are two of my favorite Autumn colors. My favorite way that you styled the rust dress is with the leggings and the leopard flats. I like the boots with it but personally for me I do not like to show my fatty knees and thick legs. My favorite way you styled the floral dress is with the denim jacket which is really cute. You make every outfit “Rock”. By the way…. Cha Ching, these styles do not break the bank. Oh yeah even though I’m not brand new to your blog I liked your introduction where you told a little bit about yourself…things that I didn’t know. You are one busy lady. Have a fabulous weekend enjoying your beautiful little Brooklyn.

    • Beverly

      Cha Ching is right lol!! 🤣🤣 I’m like you, I’m not in to showing my knees and legs no more. I don’t think I wore shorts outside the house no more than 10 times this summer. We were locked down but I don’t think that would matter. I must have hit “the age” of modesty, it’s all good though. A lot of women tell me they are the same way and appreciate that about my blog. So hey, I’m down with that! Thanks! The sweater dress looks awesome with the leggings! I thought you girls would like to know a little bit of fun facts about me. I hope it lets everyone get to know me more on a personal level. “Virtual cubicle “ lol!! Happy Weekend beautiful friend!! And thank you again!!

  • Maribeth

    Good morning from Maryland. My favorite is the sweater dress with leggings ! I haven’t shown my legs in years.. Lol
    I think you just get to an age when you realize your a grown woman with your own unique style. No more words on your butt. Lol
    The floral dress is cute but not my style.
    Have a great weekend

  • Gina

    Really like the rust colored sweater dress! Looks good with your skin tone (and mine)… I’ve got the perfect boots too. I don’t really have time to shop so since we shop at a lot of the same places, if you shoe something I like, BAM order online and either have it shipped or swing by on way home to pick it up.

    • Beverly

      Hey Gina!! I do like that sweater dress!! Girl, the UPS & FEDEX men know by name. The ups dropped off yesterday and my daughter told him she was sorry he had to come so much 🤣

  • Christine Grant

    Good morning! I really like your Blog and find your outfit choices awesome, especially as I am feeling too old for some things and definitely too young for others! I am also 51 but at a different phase with a senior in high school. My legs are the one part of my body that has aged better 😂 but I am modest with length of shorts and dresses with the exception of my mountain bike shorts. My favorite is the sweater dress with the boots but would probably wear with patterned opaque tights. I like the floral dress also and would probably do tights and the booties. Keep up the hard work that makes getting dressed easier for people like me!

    • Beverly

      Welcome to blog Christine!! My daughter just turned 20, she’s still finding her way lol! I’ve been working on the legs, I lost muscle mass a few years back and I’m trying to build it back up lol! Great choices and fabulous ideas!! Go girl🙌🏼🙌🏼 You girls certainly make my day!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Melanie S

    Good Afternoon!
    I am all about modesty. I absolutely love that sweater dress with the leggings and loafers. I just purchased some leopard print booties from Kohl’s for super cheap. I believe it would be super cute with that dress. Ladies check it out on Kohl’s. SOA Angel fish ankle booties, Can’t beat 9 bucks for booties. I also love how you paired it with knee boots. I don’t think I look good in dresses but I’m slowly getting out of my comfort zone on that. Lol.. I am just loving all of your outfits ideas Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your weekend 🍁

    • Beverly

      Thank you Melanie❤️ wow!! You got a great deal! I love kohl’s, I need to run by there!! Thanks for the heads up girl. Happy weekend and thank you for following ❤️❤️

  • Mary

    I’m new to your blog and I look forward to it everyday to see what you’re styling. Everything always looks fabulous and you’re adorable. Love your hair up too! I enjoyed your introduction as well. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing yourself and your fabulous fashion!

    • Beverly

      Happy Saturday Mary!! You are absolutely the sweetest!! Thank you so much! I’m am so thankful for this comment, it really means a lot that you girls are enjoying it. Thank you for following and welcome to the club ❤️🙌🏼

  • Ellen

    Hi Beverly! Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog so much! The fashions that you share with us are so varied and down to earth in terms of accessibility and affordability. You look darling in everything you try on.
    I’ve followed you for awhile but I never really knew about your family and work history. Thanks for sharing that, I feel like I know you better! 😊 Take care and keep up the great work!

    • Beverly

      Thank you Ellen!! I’m so glad you commented!! I’m just a regular girl in a small town who loves fashion lol!! I’m really, really down to earth and have a little tomboy in me, but love all the girl stuff lol. Thank you so very much for commenting!! I love hearing from you girls, it’s like you are my coworkers, so I really want to get to know you girls better. I hope your weekend is a good one!! Thank you again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Sunday morning! I am a little late to the party this weekend 😉 I love the sweater dress with the leggings and loafers. When I looked up the shoes on DSW I realized that they are Soul Naturalizer brand. I recently bought that brand of shoe in a black and a brown leather loafer for work and really like them. I hope you are having a great weekend!

    • Beverly

      They are really comfortable!! How are you liking the new job? And how are you doing? I figured you have been busy with the new job and life, I was thinking about you last night when we were baking some items. It was so hectic with the kids helping, I forgot to video what we were doing lol. I was going to post our “family baking” and totally forgot it until we were 1/2 way through. It gets crazy when all 3 kids are involved. Hope you guys are doing well!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I absolutely love the new job and the people that I work with! It is only 14 hours per week and minimum wage, but for some reason I have felt from the very beginning that is where God wants me to be so who I am to argue? This year has been very stressful and challenging health wise for both Troy and me. Right now we are praying for my youngest daughter, her husband and their 3 children. They were around a family at their church on Wednesday that has tested positive for Covid. My daughter and her middle child are showing symptoms of a sore throat as of yesterday so we wait and pray! I bet you all had a blast baking together. I haven’t done much baking lately due to not feeling up to it. The holidays are just around the corner so I am sure that I will be doing more than my share very soon 😉 I hope you have a wonderful day today with the family and a great week ahead!

    • Beverly

      Awesome! I’m so glad you are enjoying it. My nephew tested positive about a month ago and had been here 2 days before he tested positive. Barry was negative. Raegan and I showed signs and did a telehealth call. We did not get real sick, just really tired with sore throat and headaches. Barry still tested negative and never showed signs. He slept in the extra bedroom though lol. We stayed in for 14 days and our dr says we were ok to go out but wear masks. So we just have started getting out. Thank God I had content built up for the blog and social media lol.

  • Kelly Palmer

    I think that Troy and I both had it at the end of February- first part of March. We had a sore throat, GI upset, headaches and horrible respiratory issues. Since then we both keep feeling better then will have a reoccurence of symptoms. It is getting tiresome and old. So glad that you all are well and safe!

    • Beverly

      You probably did have it. When I worked at the Covid testing site a lot of people had the antibodies. No telling how long this has actually been here. Stay safe lovely😘

  • Pam Teague

    I loved your fun facts! Glad you are feeling better. I had it at the end of June. It was a light case but about a month later started having after effects such as trouble breathing, very low iron, hair loss and just all kinds of fun things! I’m sure this too shall pass given some time!

    • Beverly

      Thank you Pam!! Sadly, I think this will stay around for a while, but at least we are learning more about it and how you treat it. Glad your case was minor, snd I hope you’d after effects will stop soon. Praying for your girl!❤️ Have a great Sunday and thanks for the comment!

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