Boyfriend Jeans + Target Must-Have Sweater

Have you noticed all the rust tones in the stores lately? From a light peach to dark rust, it seems to be a hot color trend for the fall. The good thing about this trend is it is versatile! I’m showing a fabulous sweater that would look great with a chambray shirt underneath with a pair of cropped khaki pants or denim. Honestly, these new trends are mostly of neutral tones, and, for an earthy girl, it’s right up my alley.

I’m not going to lie girls when I ordered this sweater I did not have any big expectations, I just liked the colors. When I pulled it out of the bag, I knew it was going to be a keeper. It is one of the coziest and versatile sweaters I now have in my wardrobe! And I think this outfit is a fabulous “cool” look for any age. What do you think?

This long-sleeve pullover sweater is a versatile choice in your everyday wardrobe. It has a classic V-neckline, along with peach and cream bold horizontal stripes to bring a modern feel to your outfit. The soft and fuzzy fabric makes it both warm and comfortable to wear, while the banded cuffs and hem offer a nice, snug fit. Wear alone or over a blouse with jeans or ankle pants to complete your cozy-chic outfit.

This fab find comes in gray or a blue/green color, but my favorite was the peach stripes. The cream stripes pairs well with browns, grays, blacks, and denim. I posted this outfit on social media last week and it took off like a rocket! See this cute sweater here.

Let’s take a moment for the boyfriend jeans. These fit a little snugger than the ones I have on, for some reason I ordered a size up and as soon as I looked at them, I knew they were too big. I ordered my regular size in these and am waiting anxiously, but I decided to show them with this sweater because…really…these are some cute jeans! Roll them up just a bit at the hem for a cute fall look with your booties! These are 20% off this weekend, so grab them before they get gone. See the jeans here.

When I noticed that the cutout taupe booties were going to be a hot item this fall, I was all over the internet trying to find some. Since I can’t find all my favorite booties – because only the good Lord knows what I did with them…I am having to play catch up to get my basic booties back in my closet. These are Dolce Vita and I shared them last week and I really enjoy wearing them. Although they are a little pricey, they are well worth it, you can check them out here. I have looked the internet over, only to find hardly nothing that is comparable, but I did find the ones below at Amazon. These are more affordable and are in stock if interested.

Sneak Peek: If You Love A Cute Cardigan

I said this rust color is everywhere this fall and I am not shying away from it! We all love taking our Target runs and this caught my eye and I decided it would be a perfect piece for me to use multiple ways this fall and winter. This fits TTS, hits right below the hips, fits snugger – not like a boyfriend cardigan. This comes in 7 great fall color options with sizes from an XS to 4X! See the cardigan here.

What are your thoughts on the boyfriend jeans? Have you tried them yet?

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  • Lisa

    You look great in the rust colored cardigan Beverly….or shall I say Terracotta 🙂 My favorite season is Autumn and I am so ready to wear cardigans, long sleeves and booties. Since I am from NC, our mountains are not far away so we will be taking a drive there today. Have a great Labor Day.

    • Beverly

      I am right with you on fall!🙌🏼 I wished we lived near the mountains. NC mountains are gorgeous!! Have fun!! “Terra-cotta” you sound so much like me lol 🦋❤️

    • Beverly

      Hey Maribeth! I used to travel there quite often when I was a corporate trainer. In fact, I took Raegan with me when she was around 15 ( she was homeschooled because of anxiety) anyway, I took her to DC at night to see everything lit up and she passed out twice in the car from her anxiety. So we only rode through and looked. She never wanted to go back, but I loved it up there!! Thanks for following ❤️

  • Rebecca Goff

    Loving your blog from Tennessee. Could you give me the name of the lady blogger you recommended we follow in one of your post? I can’t seem to find the blog you mentioned the name in.

    • Beverly

      It was probably Thompson Hill Blog, Susanne and I are pretty good friends. We are going to collaborate on the blog this month so be looking for that Fall Outfit Post. Thank you for your comment!!!❤️

  • Maryanne Sivers

    Hey Beverly!
    I am another NC gal- from Concord. Although I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, I claim NC as my home as my hubs and I have lived in the South since ’92. We always say, we weren’t born here but we got here as fast as we could. LOL!
    I love your blog and I especially appreciate that we are around the same size and build so I know if something looks good on you (okay let’s face it, everything does!) then I can tell approximately what it will look like on me!

    • Beverly

      My husband is from the Concord area! We visit his sister there all the time. So glad you are following along and it’s nice to know you are so near! You’re a neighbor lol! Thank you for the comment and can’t wait to hear from you more! Have a great day!

  • Rhonda

    Enjoy your try on posts! I am from East Tenn and we are having 90 degree temps this week so Fall clothing will have to wait!

    • Beverly

      Hey Rhonda! Wow! I have right many girls following from TN! Seeing that everyone is still in hot weather, I better show some shorts ( now and later) outfits lol ! Thank you for following ❤️

  • Mary Cantrell

    Being originally from warm sunny CA and now in MN I always love finding cute sweaters to add to my fall/winter wardrobe. I love your finds in this post! It’s always fun to see I got an email from your blog that you have added a new post to read. I really do look forward to them. Thanks for using your gifts God gave you to spread a bit of sunshine to others ☀️

      • Beverly

        Gurl…you are only about 20 minutes from me! I was a manager at the Food Lion there in my early 20’s before I changed to fashion. Hello neighbor!!❤️

    • Beverly

      Oh Mary!! You are so sweet!! I told my mom the other day, I’m going to start sprinkling sunshine and positive vibes in everything I do! What a compliment! Thank you so much and I hope your Tuesday is fantastic! Thank you for following!❤️

  • Cindy Mitchell

    Hi Beverly!
    I’m from Lexington, Kentucky. I want to say thank you for keeping the prices low on your selections. I love clicking on something and seeing I can buy it without breaking the bank! I love your style too, although I’m having trouble with the distressed jeans. I keep tearing the holes more! Ha. Thank you for all you do! I always enjoy reading your posts.

    • Beverly

      I read your comment and it totally made me giggle!! Mine have ripped too lol!! I love affordable fashion that doesn’t break the bank because I love adding pieces to my wardrobe weekly. My hubs hates it lol!! Thank you for following and that you for giving me a smile ❤️❤️ Hello Kentucky! I used to travel through there quite a bit!!

  • Pam T

    I love that rust cardigan. I may have to make a Target run this morning. Of course, you look fabulous in everything. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

  • Lynn

    Tennessee girl here….just discovered your blog a couple weeks ago and am loving it! Thanks for showing us 50+ ladies cool and affordable looks!

    • Beverly

      Well hello Lynn! Yes, we over 50 gals aren’t old yet lol!! Thank you so much for following!! And shout out to TN! I love visiting Nashville ❤️❤️. I also liked seeing Memphis, I checked out Elvis’s house! I’m just realizing I got to see a lot in my years of travel! Happy Tuesday ❤️

  • Crystal Huffer

    Love Love Love the sweater (the whole outfit) !! Had a wonderful holiday weekend at Our Happy Place – our cabin in the woods, near Leavenworth WA. We are also taking a weeks vacation here. Leaves are already starting to turn and it was only 38 degrees this morning. It is still supposed to be in the 80’s by this afternoon ~ Happy Fall ~

  • Shelly Robinson

    Hey, Beverly. I’m from a small town just outside of Charlotte, NC. Right now I’m in Denver, CO because my husband just had major surgery on his spinal cord. I’m missing NC so much and your blog makes me feel closer to home somehow. I’m loving the cardigan and fall colors….I’m watching it snow as I type this! Two days ago, it was 101 degrees and today it’s snowing! I though we had crazy weather in NC, but THIS is even crazier 😂

    • Beverly

      Hey Shelly! I saw a friend of mine post that on IG! Wow!! Totally crazy weather over there. Thank you for commenting and I’m in awe of all the ladies that live where my hubs grew up!! Prayers for your husband and safe travels ❤️

  • Anne

    Hi, Beverly! I’m in Iowa and it’s POURING here. We needed it SO badly. Thanks for the great content. I always look forward to reading your blog.

    • Beverly

      Hey Anne!! I think it’s about to start pouring here too!! Thank you for following and thank you so much for your comment!! So neat to know where everyone is!! Have a great day ❤️

  • Donna J Bingamaman

    Hi Beverly,
    I love, love following your blog. I follow a couple but you are usually the first one I open. You seem like a down to earth gal. Your style is simple but very classy, if that makes sense. lol I am from Pa and have commented numerous times! Love the outfit today!

    • Beverly

      Hey Donna!! I totally understand what you’re saying. I was a single mom and I learned real quick that I liked more clothes to choose from lol! I’m a little stingy too 🤣 Thank you for following and thank you for the sweet comment ❤️❤️

  • Kelly Palmer

    As you know I am from Monroe, GA and I am so ready for Fall temps and fashion! I love the rust colored cardigan from Target. What size are you wearing in that?

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