Sunday Inspo + All The Sales to Shop

Happy Sunday everyone! We have experienced rainy days this weekend, so we made the most of it by watching movies and making cupcakes! If you follow along on Instagram, I am sure you saw my Insta-stories, she’s a mess and we made a mess lol! I saw on social media that a lot of girls were getting snow…I am so jealous! Here in the South we mainly get rain, but I’m holding out for a snowy winter!

I wanted to share a little inspiration for today and some of the sales that have been going on this weekend. It can be nice every now and then and here something positive!

We all have days where we are hard on ourselves, and we definitely are our own worst critic. Remember one thing today, God thought of you before your parents ever met and thought the world needed YOU! Where you see everything that is negative about you, he sees the beauty in you. For the Lord does not make mistakes – you have a purpose in this world. If we could see ourselves through God’s eyes for only a flash second, we may start loving ourselves a little more.

The one thing I have learned writing this blog is that every woman, and I mean EVERY woman looks at herself and compares herself to others. We as women look at ourselves and pick out the smallest thing and make it something huge. We see a little fat roll or wrinkle, and all of a sudden our self-esteem drops 50%. We notice things on ourselves that no one else is noticing or even cares about. We can take a picture of ourselves and pick it apart and I am one that has done this. Not too long ago I mentioned in a comment how my face looked like a basketball – well, no one noticed that but me! LOL!

We are who we are. Every wrinkle, every laugh line, every gray hair…they made us who we are. We lived, we loved, we laughed and we cried. We have learned how to maneuver through life and still keep our heads above water. We are beautifully and wonderfully made – by the Creator himself!

Now…All The Sales To Shop!

The sales are starting to get serious since we are nearing the holidays. Get a headstart on your Christmas shopping and take advantage of some of these sales below. You might even find something for yourself…wink – wink!

J. Crew Factory // 40% off 4 + items, 30% off 3 items, 20% off 2 items: use code YAYMORE

Loft // 40% off full-priced items and 50% off the sale items: Use code: WEEKEND

Belk // Biggest One Day Sale Up to 75% off, Boots starting at $19.99, EXTRA 25% off regular and sale items.

Macy’s // Limited-Time Special (today is the last day) 1000’s of specials up to 75% off

Backcountry // If you love Patagonia clothing, check out the sale going on now at Backcountry! 5 Days – 4 Brands up to 30% Off!

Old Navy // All jeans 50% off, and 40% off everything.

Nordstrom // Fall Sale going on now, up to 40% off!

Talbots // 30% off all tops with code: YAY30

Kate Spade // 50% off select bags and wallets with code: GOBBLE50

Evereve // Fall clearance up to 70% off

NY&C0 // 50% off No exclusions!

Kohl’s // different sales are going on, take an extra 15% off with code: SAVE15 I just ordered a new winter jacket normally $99, stacked the coupons and Kohls Cash and paid $18 total!

Coach // 30% off select styles, use code: SAVE30

Bloomingdale’s // Take $25 off every $100 spend with code PRIVATE

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope you all have a great day and happy shopping! I have Brooklyn today and I have no idea what she will want to do. I am sure I am going to be playing with baby dolls at some point ha! What are you girls up to today?

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  • Sandy

    Happy Sunday and hope you are feeling better as I’m STILL dealing with this cold. I loved the comment “if we could see ourselves through God’s eyes”…oh my…wouldn’t that be awesome! I think as I age, it seems like I see…what I feel as flaws…so much quicker then what I use too. It’s easy to tell ourselves to get that negativity out of our heads, but harder to do. And wanting what others have even goes with the weather; you are wanting snow and I am wanting your warm temps….LOL I shouldn’t complain as we are going to be at 40 today!! Have a fun day whatever you decide to do as I’m sure Brooklyn is a little young to sit through too many Hallmark movies…yet 😉 Kelly Palmer hope you are feeling better also and congrats on making the decision to change directions and having only a couple weeks of work left where you are at.

    • Beverly

      You said a mouthful Sandy!! As we get older we can really pick out the flaws lol. I am now wondering how men age much better than women. I wonder if it’s the lack of fat or collagen or if it’s because they shave nearly everyday and shave the old off lol!! This post was for me too❤️ I’m feeling pretty sickly today, it’s a dang cold that is giving me a time. Hope you get to feeling better. Funny how we all ( including Kelly) seem to catch a cold together and we are states away lol

      • Sandy

        Sounds like we are dealing with the same thing. The congestion and the COUGHING are terrible. Nothing I take seems to be touching it. I’ve had mine for over a week already so I hope yours doesn’t last that long. We’ve got all winter to go yet…ugh

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Sunday morning girls! Sorry to hear that you are still dealing with the cold that you have and hope that you are feeling better soon Sandy. I am finally seeing a light at the end of this one month sickness tunnel. Even though I know that the decision that I have made about work is the right one for me right now I am still having mixed emotions. At times I feel sad and depressed about missing my co-workers and customers but then other times I feel excited and relief over being able to put my health first and having time to get to some projects around here and the possibility of doing some volunteering. It is true that we women seem to be much more critical of ourselves than others are and I certainly feel as though I am finding more fault with my physical appearance as I age. If only we could all see ourselves and each other as the Lord does, what a wonderful world this would be! Praying that you all are feeling healthy and strong and enjoying your families today.

    • Beverly

      Exactly Kelly!! If we could have the eyes of God what a wonderful place it would be. This congestion is bothering my breathing more than anything. Uggg!!! I had mixed emotions when I decided to stay home also. Heck, I still feel the need to get back out there. If I ever do it’s because I’m banging my head against the wall. It’s so nice to be able to get up, get coffee, and sit down at your desk. You will see …. hugs!!!❤️

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