Mom & Daughter Monday

Happy Monday everyone! After my extremely chaotic weekend (read Coffee, Mom Talk, and A Little Inspiration) everyone is back at work and my life is back to normal. We had a busy weekend with Brooklyn this weekend, Raegan had another bought with her stomach and I tried to stay busy and on schedule…that didn’t happen LOL!

Some of you have asked about Raegan showing some outfits on the blog and although she is camera shy, I was able to get her to send me a selfie of her last week in the cutest kimono. While she was at work she snapped a cute picture and I decided to “steal” her kimono and style it as a 50-year-old. If you have daughters then you probably have some of your clothes, shoes, and accessories “missing” from time to time. You girls have no clue how many times I have to dig through her room finding my shoes or a belt! So I got a little pleasure out of sneaking her kimono out of her room for me to wear.

Raegan has never been very girly, but she has really stepped it up a notch since she started her new job. Since I have a love for “all things girly” I have been tickled pink she is starting to put outfits together.

Raegan styled her kimono with a fitted dress and chunky heels, but I opted to style mine in a more casual way.

What I like about a kimono (and they aren’t going anywhere this Fall – they are still very trendy) is you can style these is so many ways. They are perfect to cover up a more fitted dress or skirt, style it with jeans or some cropped pants with booties, or style it with shorts like I did. We still have a couple months before it starts getting cooler, so all of these options can work for you. A kimono is a perfect transition piece that can be worn throughout the year.

If you look behind me in this picture to the left you can see my golden doodle, Ziva, hollering around on the floor – I just noticed that when I uploaded this picture HAHA!! I love her and her funny, goofy and loving self!

I have been enjoying the new pieces in our new Fall catalog for JBloom and have been experimenting with bracelet stacks. Ladies…bracelets are VERY trendy this Fall and the more the better, so start stocking up on stretchy bracelets to pair with other bracelets – anything goes!!! I am wearing a few of my favorites in this picture, the Alaya Wrap is the first bracelet, the Tinsley is the 2nd (I had Forgiven engraved on it – it is really pretty monogrammed too), and I am wearing one piece for the 5 piece set, the Saffron Stretch Combo. I added the Forever Heart charm in Rose Gold and a Small Coin Charm in Rose Gold with my initial to give it a more trendy look.

I love wearing my story, whether it is telling my faith, my passions, my hobbies, my kid’s names, our anniversary date – the possibilities are endless. I am having a SPECIAL of 20% off right now going on through August 10th on ANY order. To check out the catalog click HERE and if you find something message me so I can get you the 20% off!!

Today Only – 40% OFF

I am offering 40% off on the Lara necklace in my VIP Facebook Group and thought I would offer it to you girls also. The Lara necklace is normally $38.00 but is on sale today through 11pm EST for only $22.80 plus tax and shipping. Email me at [email protected] to grab this deal! Necklace is 15-18 inches in length.

So, what did you girls think about Raegan and her outfit? She is so shy!! I told her I was putting it on the blog an I could see her heart start pumping harder lol!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope your day is super terrific!! It’s a MONDAY!! XOXO

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  • sandy

    Your daughter is as gorgeous as her mom!!!!!! Her selfie is so good and she looks adorable in the outfit. I love how you showed us how to style it in your way and I believe you took something from your closet to pair it with which I love too that you used what you had. You both look pretty in that color. Please tell Reagan she needs to do this more often as I love seeing the two different styles and she is so pretty. I’ve never had to share my clothes with a daughter but I can imagine its a hide-n-seek type of game once in a while so you can’t find each other’s things or have to go look for them…but what fun! I like kimono’s but never know if they look good on me. I always feel like I’m too short for them and I know it helps if I put on a little heel. Ziva is cute too!

    • Beverly

      Sandy!! Girl get you a kimono!! They hide all the things I’m trying to hide and they give the outfit a little sass!! Lol!! Thank you for your kind words about Raegan. My little Rae Rae is a mess!! I’m going to try and get her do take more photos with me, we may be doing selfies till she gets comfortable. How do you like Mom and Daughter Monday’s? It would be cute if I can get her to keep it up 😂😂 I’m shopping my closet still!! I have a lot of transition pieces that people have bought off the blog, so I’m trying to gather up cute outfits. I had to take pictures at home today (since I stressed out this weekend lol) and I’ve got some cute stuff from Target coming!! I liked these a lot!!!! Happy Monday!!😘😘

  • Sandy

    i would love to see mother daughter Monday’s continue. I also know how Reagan feels about being photographed as I’m the same way. Really hard for me to put myself out there or to take a selfie to post.., lol. Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

    • Beverly

      I hope we can continue!! It’d be so sweet, plus great options for young and older!!! She’s feeling better, but whew…what a weekend lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    I hope you have been having a great Monday! Raegan is a beautiful young lady and she reminds me of my grand daughter Hannah who is also very pretty but she is so shy and never likes to have her picture taken. This weekend my 2 daughters and I and 4 of our grand children went to get a pedicure. Hannah doesn’t like anyone to touch her feet so she got acrylic nails for the first time and she was over the moon happy with them 🙂 She will turn 13 this month and is really starting to get interested in more girly things. I love the kimono and the fact that you stole it from Raegan 🙂 As you know from what I shared on my Facebook page a brand new dress went home with one daughter and a brand new pair of shoes with the other. I would need to travel to Florida to raid their closets. This morning they all left about the same time that I had to leave for work. Work kept me busy so that I couldn’t focus on how much I miss them already and how sad it makes me but boy when I got home to a totally quiet house it really hit me! Enjoy your children while they are still around! And I loved to see the picture of your precious Ziva. She is sooo adorable!! Have a wonderful evening 🙂

    • Beverly

      You are so right Kelly!! I have to keep that in mind. I do tell my kids I really don’t want them to move out because they hang out with me at night. Barry goes to bed around 8 since he gets up at 330, they are my crew lol!!

      I did chuckle when you said on FB that you lost new clothing lol!! I was digging through Raegan’s closet looking my new shoes this morning, I have not found them yet. And they were for the blog for transition ideas!! Sighhh lol! I better check Brooklyn’s closet because she “lifts” things too 😂😂

      I bet you are missing your family. I bet it’s hard being so far away. My heart goes out to all the parents who’s kids are far off. I barely could do it when Chase lived in Texas! Have a great Monday!!!

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