Summer Ready Legs For Women Over 40

Happy Thursday! I am off to the doctor today to see about adding a new medicine for my asthma. Seems this heat is really sucking the air out of me…literally! I thought I would share something that I have a HUGE issue with and what I have used to help combat it. As we get older, things change and boy do they change!

Have you ever wondered how those magazine models got those super silky smooth legs? When I was in middle school and starting high school, I could only dream of having legs like in the commercials. It was a whole new universe that I couldn’t touch, or that’s how it seemed at first. You know how it is! Back in those years, I was only using the single blade razors, and it seemed like the hairs would grow back in a matter of a few hours. It was ridiculous and embarrassing until I realized how to get the best experience from razors and tips to get the smoothest legs possible. This is just pure knowledge learned from experience, plus a tad bit of trial and error. But no one needs to know that last bit.


Use the right razor. Gillette Venus razors are cheap, disposable and will get a closer shave.

smooth legs


Exfoliate your legs before shaving. You can do this with a natural recipe or with an exfoliating care product. A very good product for this is Clarins Body Exfoliating Care.


Use a cocoa oil gel or vaseline instead of shaving cream.


Use an after shaving balm like the Clarins Men Shave – if it helps your husbands face, it can surely help your legs!


Use cocoa butter oil after applying the after shave lotion to prevent razor bumps. One I like is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil! Helps a great deal with aging skin!!


Apply a daily lotion every morning and before going to bed to keep your legs smooth and looking flawless. If you want to put hydration back into your skin – use: Active Hydration Body Replenish. It’s the only lotion I have EVER used up and consistently repurchased! Yes – it really is that good!

What are your trips and tips for keeping your legs looking healthy? AS I have gotten older it seems my skin is very dry and these steps have helped me over the years!! Hope they help you too!

Thanks for stopping by the blog ladies and have a great day!! XO

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  • Janet L Witthuhn

    Alternatively, you can just wait until you reach age 70 and the hair just stops growing, Ha Ha.

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! Sorry to hear that you are still having asthma issues 🙁 Unfortunately I am too. On Monday I started to get a sore throat and then the breathing issues worsened. My mother-in-law has been sick with some sort of crud and a co-worker as well so I have been subjected to junk both at home and at work, ugh! I contacted my naturopath and she suggested to add in another supplement to my protocol and by yesterday I was feeling some relief. However, this morning I am feeling a bit tight and yucky again. The heat and humidity have been so bad this summer. I hope we both get lasting relief soon!! As far as shaving my legs, since I have red hair fortunately my hair is not very coarse or noticeable. I agree with Janet that as I age I am definitely having to shave a lot less which is wonderful. I use a Flawless electric rechargeable razor and love it. It gets around the knee area without cutting me. I have always had very dry skin but have not really used anything on a regular basis but I should. I am thinking that I would like to try the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil. I know that we sell it at our CVS and I would get a colleague discount plus with a name like Palmer how can I go wrong? 😉 Have a great day and feel better soon! I am praying for you!!

    • Beverly

      It’s really good oil!! As I get older I’m having the same issues…well, I guess less shaving is a blessing ha!!! Girl, this humidity is killing me!! I hope you feel better soon. I have never had issues like this and it’s a real Debbie Downer!! Plus you’re getting it from both sides -bless you!!!! Have a great day!!

  • sandy

    I had to chuckle at Janets comment because she is so right. The older we get, you don’t have to shave quite as often but…this is such helpful information for me as I know my legs are DRY. I love my Venus razor as I have the one you show. I am not good about exfoliating each time but I’m trying to do better about dry brushing. I am definitely getting some of the Skin Therapy Oil…I can almost feel already how smooth my legs will feel since I barely remember to put lotion on them after shaving. I just get lazy. So you still apply the hydration lotion even after putting on the therapy oil? Hope this reminds me to give my legs a little more love!

    • Beverly

      I use the active hydration lotion every day no matter what. I leave it in a little basket next to “my seat” and put it in while I’m watching tv at nights. That’s to keep them from drying out between shaves-I should have said that lol

      I chuckled at Janet’s comment too😂😂

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