Olive and Leopard Print Sandals

Happy Wednesday morning! Sadly, I almost wrote Tuesday morning – I better catch up! It’s Hump Day ladies! Really quick I wanted to share some updates on the FASTer Way To Fat Loss, I am still doing well (down 23 lbs) and learning to really live this as a lifestyle. Barry has dropped 2 pant sizes and my Mom started a few weeks ago and has lost 15 lbs! She’s in her 80’s!! I’m so proud of her, she loves it and says it’s the easiest “diet/lifestyle change” she has ever tried. If you know any of us mentioned above, we are always looking for a new diet that works. This does and a new round starts July 8th if you are interested click HERE.

Today I am styling a Zippered V-Neck Olive Blouse from Cato Fashions with white cropped jeans and a dash of “WOW” with leopard print sandals. This would look cute in the Fall with a denim jacket also or a long beige/tan cardigan. I’m trying to start thinking ahead for you girls so you can transition into Fall with the pieces you pick up this Summer! See the blouse HERE. It comes in a pretty gold color also, Sizes are XS-XL, I am wearing a Medium for reference.

The week of Father’s Day, I told you girls about Barry and I shopping at our local Belk. Belk is a really big box store that is only in the Southern states, but you can shop online HERE. They are always having sales and coupons and we racked up while we were there. Sales are still going on today because I just ordered some Rampage Snake Skin sandals that I am currently crushing on. These are my jam girls!

I picked up a pair of YMI Cropped Jeans with Fray Hem and I am really enjoying wearing them. I must wear them a lot because Barry asked me if I had any other pants that weren’t white HAHA! I have added some alternative cropped jeans below that you may like also. The YMI jean fits like skinny jeans, they are on Sale for $29.99 and come in denim. You can get an extra 20% off with CODE: ENDLESSSUMMER Sale ends 6/26. See the cropped jeans HERE. And Doorbusters are up to 75% right now!! Shop the Sale HERE. I sized up on these and am wearing a size 29 for reference.

I decided to style this a Black Circle Handle Handbag from Cato Fashions. This comes in hot pink also! It’s only $39.99 and you can see it HERE. These gold circle handled handbags are very popular right now and this one is affordable and cute. It also comes with a strap to carry in over the shoulder or crossbody!

I wrote about these sandals in What I’m Loving Right Now, so I thought I would share them on the blog. Girls…these sandals are so cute and wear so good! I am in love with Steve Madden shoes and these have just enough of pizazz that they called my name and I answered and brought them home! You can wear these with so many things. It is the perfect shoe for denim, black pants, khaki pants, even mustard! Oh, let’s not forget olive! These are Steve Madden Lahnee Sandals and they come in Black, Rose Gold and Cognac!! See them HERE.

While I was in Cato Fashion I was looking through the jewelry and found this bracelet! I LOVED it!! The medallion is about an inch and a half and it is so cute on. I love the verse, it’s one of my favorites and thought it was perfect for me to share my faith and what the Lord has done and is doing in my life!

Outfit Details: // Olive Blouse // YMI Cropped Jeans // Steve Madden Lahnee Sandals // Bracelet // Black Circle Handbag // Sunglasses //

Today I am going grocery shopping and I think I am going to run by Big Lots and try to find some pillows for my front porch. My little couch needs a pick me up lol! And who doesn’t love Big Lots?? What are you girls doing today? Thanks for stopping by the blog and you girls have a fantastic day!

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  • sandy

    I have my cup of joe and I love this outfit as it looks comfy casual. That’s funny that Barry asked if you had other pants. That just goes to show how versatile white jeans/pants are! The zipper detail in this blouse makes it different then others and I agree that a beige cardigan would look really cute with this in the Fall. (Cute pose by the window) Looks like you snatched up a great bracelet also. We don’t have a Big Lots around so I’m not even sure what that is. Guess I would have to “google” it 😉 I have to keep moving here. Terry has a 7:00 appt. in the city so we need to hit the road. Hoping to get back and finish my mowing this afternoon. Have a great day and congrats on how well you have done with FWTFL !!! You have really stayed on track with the program.

    • Beverly

      I think the beige cardigan would look good too!! Barry posed me at the window 😂😂. I know all that grass mowing has to get old. How long are your Summers there?

      • sandy

        I mow once a week the big areas and the house yard I mow twice a week. That will go through September and then I finish up in October whenever our weather starts turning colder and the grass doesn’t grow as fast. So…I have a few weeks to go yet

    • Beverly

      Girl, I left those shoes on the living room and my sons dog chewed them to pieces this morning before I got up. I am livid!! But, I liked this one too!! Lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Hump Day!! This is a cute outfit and I have an olive colored shirt that is very similar to this one. I am glad that you are giving us ideas of clothing that we can transition into our Fall wardrobe. I really like the shoes but I have lower back and hip issues so I am concerned about wearing any shoes that are flat. It is difficult to find shoes that are cute and stylish but that have good support. I have been looking for some leopard shoes or sandals for a while now. Congratulations to you, Barry and your mom on your weight loss! I need to get back to daily exercise as I got off track while I was sick. I hope that you have a wonderful day and sorry that your shoes were chewed up 🙁

    • Beverly

      Thanks!! Can you believe that dog?? Chase did not put him in his room when he left. He leaves really early for work. I usually let him out around 9-10. When I woke up and came down to the kitchen there they were-mangled in pieces!! Plus my daughter left a pair out too and he tore those up. I’m so mad. I just ordered me another pair through the VIP at DSW. I got the last one in my size. Whew!

      I am not doing as well as I should on the working out part. I’ve been trying to get up really early and get to the gym, but I’m failing miserably lol!! Are you feeling better??

  • Kelly Palmer

    We have 3 dogs and fortunately the only chewing issues that we had were when they were just puppies. I am doing better with my breathing thanks! The problem that I am having right now is pain in my right hip. At this moment I am sitting here with an ice pack on it. I probably should see a Chiropractor and there is actually one in my doctor’s office but I am just tired of seeing doctors of any kind right now. I work today 3-10 and I am praying that I won’t be doing anything that requires a lot of bending and squatting. I was working on a new checkout candy planogram on Monday and I think that the squatting, bending and kneeling is what got it irritated. Oh well!! Are you still having a break from the migraines?

    • Beverly

      My migraines are gone!! I am on preventative medicine now. Barry went walking at the park on the trail about a week ago and did something to his hip too. He has been complaining a lot, so I know he’s been hurting. You can tell by the way he walks. I remember working in retail just how physical it can get. Hope you’re ok!! My breathing has been bad this Summer too. We were on the golf cart the other night and it was hot and humid and we had to run back by the house to get my inhaler. I know my issues are nothing compared to yours!! I’m praying for you Kelly!! Oh, I think Chase’s dog has anxiety issues, he has to be around someone or he’s chewing on something near by. I took a picture of our shoes and sent it to my son. He never responded lol

  • sandy

    Beverly and Kelly…I am right where you are with my daily workouts and walks. They have all been put on hold a couple weeks ago when I was getting ready for the kiddos to stay and then nothing while they were here and now this week I only walked one day as I keep telling myself I have to many other things to do that I’m not putting exercise as a top priority and goodness gracious…I’m only talking 30-40 min. I guess I’m using the “busy” word just to get out of doing what I should be doing for my body. Kelly…I hope your hip issues clear up. My sister has a bad hip and I feel so bad watching when she gets up she has to get her hip to kick in before she can start walking. And oh no Beverly on your chewed up shoes !!!!! I can only imagine how upset you were to start your day off seeing a great pair of shoes ruined. So…do you let the dog have the old pair so he leaves the new pair alone 😉

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