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Happy Sunday everyone!! I apologize for this post going out so late, I was up pretty late last night and “life” happened this morning. I am having such a hard time sleeping here lately and I have no clue why! I suppose it is menopause, boy I do not like menopause one bit! WHY did Eve have to pick that doggone apple???!!!!

We had a great time yesterday at the University seeing all the Pre Med students coming in. How proud those parents must be of their children! I think I have told this before, but my dream was to be an Orthopedic Surgeon since I was in 9th grade. I was just about to start out on that dream when my Father suddenly passed away and I ended up staying with my Mom. I opted to work and go to school while I stayed with her and well, the rest is history. I was never able to fulfill my dream to be in medicine.

God had a different plan for me and I could not see it at such a young age. He knew I would make mistakes and my journey would ultimately bring me to my knees to ask for his forgiveness and his help. The path I was taking in the Fashion Industry was NOT what I wanted for my life – I wanted MD at the end of my name and I was willing to work for it. God knew my Mom would need me and I would take the road that kept me close to her. That one little decision changed my life forever.

I learned so much in a few short years from why mom about spiritual things. I learned how to pray, I learned what fasting really meant, I learned what being persistence and perseverance meant and how those few things would mold my spiritual person into what God wanted for me. I took a lot of hard bumps through life and learned how to call on God, not only for the big things but the small things. I learned that through my darkest hours that he was there holding my hand. Even though I thought he wasn’t, I later could see where he was not only there – he was carrying me through those trials and tribulations.

Do not ever doubt God, know that he sees all things and knows your future. He can take a mistake and turn it into a reward for you. Do not question things, have trust in God knowing that he is there to carry you through the small storms and the storms that are a Cat 5 Hurricane! My dream of being a surgeon was not what I needed and it was not God’s intent for me. He knew I would need the guidance of my mother to teach me and train me in the Bible more than she ever did while I was a child. He had a plan for me and he knew certain things would have to happen in my life that would break me and bring me to my knees and become a willing servant.

I don’t look back and think about what could have been. I look back and thank God he loved me enough to steer me where he wanted me. No matter if the road to him was going to be heartbreaking and devastation to me emotionally (and it was folks! It was!!), it was worth every tear because I’m rich in HIM! And one day he is going to call me home, where he has prepared a place for me. I tell Barry all the time, I don’t care what kind of a house I live in – God knows me better than I know myself and I’m going to have a home in Glory that is hooked up!!!!!! These worldly things I do not care about, I care about where my soul rests after I take that last breath here on earth. And I cannot wait to get to heaven one day and see all of you (my sisters in Christ) oh what a time it will be!!!! Love to you all!!! My heart is overflowing and gushy today LOL!! See you on the blog tomorrow morning!!

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  • Brenda Summersgill

    What a great word. Our spiritual life is the most important. I also long for the day we go home!

  • Tammy GRavis

    Menopause is tough. I had a time with it and still get hot so easily. Eat decent, stay thin which I are and I need to work on, lol and exercise. HRT saved my life when I needed it but getting off the stuff is hard. I don’t think I could have made it through otherwise even though it cost me a fortune for those things. No decent insurance. Fish oil helps, Vit E. 400 IU daily highly recommend for the hot flashes. I started back on this a couple weeks ago with the heat coming. Estroven is decent if you’re not suffering badly for like a couple to a few hot flashes a day. I took that last summer and it works and is over the counter but I’m here to tell you there’s nothing like HRT. If your GYN recommends it, it will change your life and you’ll sail through it. Okay, I like you a lot to write all this. Lol. I know my menpause. Lol

  • Julie

    Wow Beverly, what an inspired post! Thanks for sharing from your heart!!! Makes me look at my own life from a different perspective.

    • Beverly

      Thank you Julie!! That means a lot to me for you to say that. I am constantly looking at my life -it’s a never ending cycle lol. But it will be so worth it one day. Have a great Sunday!!

  • sandy

    Beverly it is so true that God works in mysterious ways and sometimes we don’t understand the “why” until later. I hope you feel that you have been blessed by the path you ultimately choose. I know from reading some of the things that you have shared in your blog, God has been with you through all your journeys. I feel he is still helping me find “my” way since I went into semi-retirement and have to put my faith in Him that he is still leading the way. Menopause is not fun to go through and sometimes it seems like it will never end. It does get better once you make it through. I found an essential oil to help me get through the hot flashes and even though I am post menopausal, those darn hot flashes still happen but not as bad and not as often. I know what works for one person doesn’t always work for others, so you just have to keep trying different things to at least make the situation better. And…you need your rest to keep up with Brooklyn this week!!!

    • Beverly

      Your post made me tear up!! You definitely wrote what God wanted you to!! Thank you Sandy!! I will keep trying different things to see what works and you are right about the rest. Brooklyn has wore me out this weekend. It’s a lot different when mom and dad are getting her lol. She stays with me tomorrow and we have some shopping planned-then back to daycare Tuesday. I forgot how tiring it is to cook, give baths , read stories and more lol. Happy Sunday ladybug!!!

      • sandy

        (((Heart))) Oh definitely different when you are in charge of everything with the grandkids. I collapse in my recliner when I get them to bed as this grandma is wore out…LOL Usually a cup of hot tea helps for relaxing before I too then go to bed. Oh what a fun day planned for tomorrow. I think you are head of me and it’s later there so go to bed lady !!!

  • GINA

    He has seen us through so much and it is important to remember that. So thank you for your Sunday posts.

  • Kelly Palmer

    I too had planned on going to college right after high school to pursue a career in the medical field as an RN. At the time, my parents had just paid off their mortgage and I overheard them talking about how they would have to get a mortgage to pay for my schooling. My dad worked hard as a foundry man and I didn’t want to put them in that position. I ended up getting married and having children at a young age. At one point I started taking college courses at night but with 4 children, a household to take care of, a full time job, church and kids sports activities, I couldn’t keep up with it and developed some health issues. Anyway, I do feel and know that God was with me all along and looking back now I can see the awesome experiences that I had that have shaped and molded me into the person that I am today. I hope that you and Brooklyn have a wonderful time together. I now appreciate that I had my children when I was still young and had the energy to keep up! 🙂

    • Beverly

      I feel the same way! I couldn’t put that debt on my mom, she stayed home with us most of her life-so dad was the bread winner. It was a time that my mom needed me ( I was the baby of the family and my brothers were married) and I’m so glad that I made the choice to work and help out as much as I could. My mom certainly taught me way more in my 20’s than I ever thought possible. If not for her , Lord only knows where I’d be now. The Lord knows exactly where we need to be lol. Thank the Lord for his mercy and guidance!! Happy Monday!!

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