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Happy Friday!!! It’s the beginning of the weekend! I have to catch you up on the FWTFL program and how I’m doing. So far, I am LOVING this program. I am eating more food than ever, I’m not stuffing myself with snacks anymore, and I’m actually sleeping better at night. I’m not going to lie, I was wary of this program and if it would really work. Ladies, it is working! Took me some time to adjust to eating right and carb cycling, but it’s working!

I even had a blogger friend, Susanne, from Thompson Hill Blog, let me in on how to enjoy my coffee in the morning. She told me to get the coffee flavored syrups and boy do they make a HUGE difference! I’m using Torani Sugar-Free Classic Caramel and Vanilla. They make your coffee taste so good! A little splash is all you need for flavor!!

I was out doing some shopping yesterday and stopped by a few of my favorite stores. I got to tell you girls what happened to me at J Crew! Has anyone ever had a dressing room mishap? Let me tell you mine…I tried on a denim one-piece jumper, no zippers – you just pull it up and put your arms in. It went on perfect, but when I got ready to take it off…I about freaked out! Let me set the scene (lol), when I walked in it was immediately hot in the store. Their AC was on the fritz, so it was WARM in there. When I tried to get my arms out of this jumper, I literally could not get it off. I struggled and struggled to the point I broke out in a sweat!

I had to sit down and relax for a few. All I could think was, “oh my gosh, I’m going to have to wear this home and cut it off!” It was $128 (50% off), I was NOT buying this jumper! After calming down and cooling off, one way or another that baby was coming off. What goes on must come off! Note to self…Do not try on any more jumpers without zippers! Do you have any horror stories to tell? Make me feel better and share… LOL!

Loft Outlet is having an online sale right now, so I wanted to stop by and check out the Spring items. The sale is Buy 5 items or more get 60% off, 4 items get 50% off, 3 items get 40% off! Not bad, especially when you can add some cheap accessories to get the 60% OFF!!

I loved th sleeves on this top, they are flutter sleeves!! So cute for summer! This would look great with jeans, white, black, khaki or navy. This is called the Floral Ruffle Shell, it’s $44.99 and comes in sizes, XS-XL. This would look good underneath a blazer or even a denim jacket like I’ve styled on past blogs. It would be really cute with the white denim jacket and jeans. Or even wear it with a cute linen blazer, a pair of longer Bermuda shorts and some cute wedges! I’m going to have to get me some Bermuda shorts! LOL! Get the top HERE.

These jeans are so stinking cute! I love the detail at the hem!! These would look good with mules, sandals tennis shoes or flip flops! I loved the way you can see the raw hem from the front view. These have plenty of stretch and give in them and they fit TTS. These are the MODERN TULIP HEM SKINNY ANKLE JEANS IN VISTA WASH, $79.99 and come in sizes 0 – 16. Get the jean HERE. What are your thoughts on the hem of these pants? Love ’em or leave ’em??

These pants y’all!! As soon as Barry saw these, he said they were “going out to dinner worthy”!! HAHA! These are so comfy! They have everything you want- a stretchy waistband, a cute tie belt and flowy to give you a summer, beachy look! These are the Striped Wide Leg Cropped Pant, they are $69.99, fits TTS (I’m wearing a Medium) and comes in sizes XS-XL. Get the pant HERE.

I paired it with a simple button-down white shirt. I thought it really gave it that beachy look I was going for. This would look so cute with some pretty light brown sandals – I can see me wearing this at the beach this summer. Wear a tank top or short sleeve shirt underneath and you would look so cute! This is called the Shimmer White Shirt, it has a round neck and comes in pink also. This is $54.99 and comes in sizes XS-XL. Get the top HERE. This top would look great tied at the waist with a long flowy skirt and sandals also!

For some reason, I am a sucker for floral tops this Spring! This navy blue top caught my eye when I walked in the store and I immediately grabbed it up! This can be tucked in, half tucked or untucked, it has a flowy bottom, but not too flowy. This is Floral V-Neck Tee, relaxed fit and hits at the hip. It has a shirttail hem and is 100% Polyester. Get the blouse HERE. What’s your thoughts on pairing it wiht the periwinkle pants?

These jeans are my favorite color – PERIWINKLE!!! I love this color and I love the cuff on these jeans! These are the MODERN CUFFED CROP JEANS IN CRISP PERIWINKLE, these are $69.99, fits TTS and comes in sizes 0 – 16. Aren’t these cuffs adorable! The pants have a lot of stretch in them and are very comfortable when sitting. If I’m out shopping I try to always give a pair of pants the “sitting test” before buying! Am I the only one doing that? I found some cute mules, Loafer Slides that looked great with the outfit. I have completely forgotten about mules for Spring! I can’t believe this slipped my mind! Get the periwinkle jeans HERE, and the loafers HERE.

What’re your thoughts ladies? Do you like the periwinkle pants? The Striped Wide Leg Crop Pants? And don’t forget – anyone have anything remotely close happen to you in a dressing room like I did? Like Brooklyn says…Sharing is Caring LOL!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and you girls have a great day!!!

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  • Ramona Puckett

    The outfits look great and I’m going to check out that floral t-shirt! Yes, I had a fitting room mishap once! And yes, the store was warm and the fitting rooms were warmer! I was trying on sports bras and could not get one off! Just like you, I was thinking I’m going to have to buy this and cut it off when I get home! But I calmed down, hoped the sales clerk wasn’t thinking why is she in there so long? Is she stealing it?! Anyway, I managed to get it off without any harm to the sports bra or myself! Love your posts and have a blessed weekend! XO

  • Kelly Palmer

    My favorites today are the Modern Tulip Hem Skinny Ankle Jeans with the floral top and the Striped Wide Leg Cropped Pant beachy outfit. I am surprised that since you were in the dressing room for so long stuck in the one-piece jumper that you didn’t at least get a picture of it 😉 lol. I don’t remember any dressing room mishaps but I do have a very cute dressing room memory. About 9 years ago I went to Florida to stay with my oldest grand daughter Hannah, who was 4 at the time, while my daughter was in the hospital giving birth to her baby sister. I needed a new bathing suit so I brought Hannah with me to JC Penney to shop for one. I took 4 selections into the dressing room with us and when I tried one on in particular she exclaimed, “Oh, Memaw that bathing suit is so you!”. LOL! You just never know what is going to come out of their mouths. I love that you share not only fashion etc but that you share your real and every day life with us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Beverly

      🤣 I love kids!!! She sounds sassy like Brooklyn!!! I did get a picture of it, I’m sharing that tomorrow lol. The more I panicked the worse it got lol. I like telling you girls what’s going on and I LOVE you girls sharing your lives with me. I like to think of it as we are all chatting having coffee lol Have a great day!!! Oh-that was my favorite outfit too!!! 🥰

  • sandy

    I think I am too short for the short wide-leg pants since they are above the ankle. I STILL have to get to the city to Cato’s to try on the striped pants in an earlier post. Love the periwinkle jeans…perfect for when you want something a little dressier then jeans but still “casual” and that top is adorable with them…something other then a plain white top. Oh to live close to these stores so I could go in and try on as I don’t fair well when I order and then have to return. And oh my yes…I think we probably all can relate to a dressing room incident. Mine was a zipped up dress with a rounded collar that fit close to my neck. Went to unzip it and couldn’t get the zipper down. I tried pulling over my head and of course not enough room in the neck area to do that so now it’s tangled and I have to get it straightened to get back down where it belonged. Panic set in and I too had to calm down… knowing I “could” walk all the way across the women’s department to the check out and have a clerk help me but then would have to walk back with the dress unzipped…I gave myself time to relax and just took baby pulls on it as It was caught up on the material and just had to get it off of that. Needless to say, I did not buy that dress!

    • Beverly

      🤣🤣oh my gosh!! I’m so glad you girls are sharing!! This one tickled me-I nearly died girl!! How can something go on so easy but be so hard to get off. Perfect outfit for a teenage daughter on a date!! 🤣🤣 just kidding!! How far are you from the city?

      • sandy

        Beverly you mentioned in one of your replies about having coffee and chatting…I LITERALLY have my first cup of coffee as I read your blog!!! I live 2 1/2 hours from the big city where there is a LOFT store…Catos is a good hour away which is so do-able but it means planning the trip out as I usually try to make a few hours of being there since I make the trip. The size I need for those striped pants from Catos wasn’t on line and I’m so afraid by the time I get there to try them on, they won’t have any left but because you keep showing more things, eventually I will get to where you purchase your cute finds and be able to snag something up. :).

        • Beverly

          I’m about 5 minutes from our Cato store, I can check ours and get them for you if you want me too. I can ship them to you and you can pay me back through PayPal. I don’t mind doing that at all!! Whew girl-that’s a long ways!! I’m in my 2nd cup now 😂

  • sandy

    OMG Beverly…I hope you can feel my virtual (((HUG))) for offering to check on the pants from Cato’s. You have WAY more to do then to be shopping for me. I decided to make a hair appt. for next week so that will get me to a Catos so I will be checking out the store on Tuesday..WHOOT, WHOOT !!!

  • Julie

    Thank you for sharing your dressing room mishap. I’ve had more than my share. I don’t remember one specifically, but I know for sure I’ve been trapped in a top on more than one occasion. Thankfully, I almost always go shopping with my sister who’s also my best friend, fashion consultant and emergency apparel rescue. 😂 And those dressing rooms are uncomfortably warm!

    I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the FWTFL. I felt sure you would! I just signed up for VIP after doing two rounds and blowing away my initial goals. The benefits beyond weight loss are amazing!

    The tulip hem jeans look great on you, kinda jealous because I can’t wear that kind of jean no matter how thin I am. I do also love the periwinkle pants! I hope you purchased one of them. Have a great weekend!

    • Beverly

      Hey Julie!!! I laughed at the first part of your comment!! Yes!! We’ve all been there!! I LOVE this program, I am feeling better, my system is overall much better! I just got approved to be an affiliate, so I’m really tickled about that. I told my husband last night/we are eating better than we ever did! 🤣🤣 I had no clue eating all the processed food was messing my digestive system up and hindering my metabolism! Thanks for sharing!!! I loved it!!!!

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