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As I am getting older, I am looking at ways to turn back the hands of time. I never thought twice about looking “old” when I was in my thirties. About the time I hit mid-forties I started noticing I wasn’t as young as I once was. In my mind, I still felt like a twenty-something young lady, but every morning when I woke up, I knew I was getting older and I wasn’t liking it at all!

I remember when I was about 38, I was jumping on the trampoline with my eight-year-old daughter and thought I could touch my toes in the air while jumping. You know, jumping up and throwing those legs up and touching your toes?. Ummm, no I couldn’t – it was a total disaster!! Not very well or poised at all and I realized that day that Depends undergarments were for women my age too! HAHA! I jumped off that trampoline so fast and my kids couldn’t stop laughing at me. Let’s just say I never tried that again.

We all go through times like that, we all start seeing lines and wrinkles that did not use to be there. We all start seeing grey hairs and most of us want to stop the aging clock or at least slow it down some.

Here are a few things that I have noticed that has helped me and some of my friends who are in their mid-forties or early fifties. Hopefully, some of these things will help you!!

  1. Polish your toes-Aging can change our toenails. To keep them looking their best in your sandals and peep toe boots, make sure they are manicured and polished. Soak your feet in a foot spa at least once a week for 10 -15 minutes to help with exfoliating your feet.
  2. Slim down your eyeliner-I found it’s best to leave the cat eyes and thick eyeliner to younger ladies. Too much eyeliner draws attention to the lines around our eyes. Since my lashes have grown back (click here for Lash Boost), I only use mascara on the bottom of my eyes and a little black or dark eyeshadow around my eyes.
  3. Wear heels-Heels (even a slight heel) elongate us and gives a slimmer look. Wedges are a great heel that is easier to wear. Block heels are great if you have to stand or walk any.
  4. Lighten up your foundation-It’s important to use a good foundation that matches your natural skin color. Remember we are going for a natural look as we age. I use this foundation, it’s more like a skin perfector and I love it! It’s light, stays on and gives great coverage.
  5. Pick pink or a nude shade for lips-Dark color lipsticks age us so lighten up your look with a soft pink or neutral lip color. I use this lip color.
  6. Exfoliate your skin-As we age, our skin dulls. Exfoliation is a must. I love using my microdermabrasion paste once a week – I use it on my chest too! I have super baby soft skin afterward!
  7. Don’t shy away from side bangs or fringe-As we get older bangs or fringe become important. Not only can they hide our wrinkles but they soften our face and give us a more youthful appearance. Softness around your face will always make you look younger. Remember the lighter shade of lipsticks – go for soft or neutral and you will appear much younger.
  8. Try new and “trendy” accessories-Add some trendy jewelry, handbag or shoes to your outfit and you will instantly look younger. Plus, who doesn’t notice and LOVE a woman embracing her age and still being trendy?
  9. Use a Brow pencil or brow gel-Eyebrows thin as we age, so make sure you add some brow color to your eyebrows. Don’t draw a line. Use eyeshadow or a good brow gel and fill them in. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. You can check out my video on how to apply brow gel HERE. It’s simple and easy! I use the Limelife Strike Rich Brow Gel.
  10.  Wear shapewear-Shapewear is our friend. I rarely go without a cami or tank under my tops. Lumps and bumps can show through your tops (always check your back) and your pants. Shapewear smooths and helps us look our best. The best I have tried is the Spanx, but you can find some decent ones that are not as costly.

Tip: Try to incorporate more exercise into your day and drink more water. These two things are key to being stringer and healthier.

These are the “staples” that women in fashion and beauty swear by. I can attest that they work and they make you feel better about yourself also. And when you feel better about yourself, you will have higher self-esteem and shine brighter! Go SHINE ladies!!

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  • Gloria

    Great post to start the new year. I’m 57 and I am always told I don’t look over 50 but I’m also petite and have to work really hard to maintain my weight. Unfortunately I’ve seen a big change in my skin this past year and doing what I can to improve it. A tip that I just got when I went to have a facial was to rub an ice cube on your face to close your pores after you shower. I also found an ice roller on Amazon 😉 but using good products has helped as well. I just get overwhelmed when I shop for skin products and they are all so expensive so thank you for sharing all your tips and products with us.

    • Beverly

      I’m going to have to look into the ice roller and see how that works. If it works well, I will do a video on it. Thanks for that tip!! Honestly, I got overwhelmed about skincare too. I would buy products and they don’t work and I’ve wasted money. I can tell a huge difference with the R+F line, I can see a huge change in my skin. I can totally go without makeup now – I LIKE that!! LOL I’m going to do some research on the ice roller – seems like Raegan brought that up to me before Christmas – she said her friends were using something similar to that. We will see soon!!!

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