Messy Chignon Updo

Good morning beauties! We had a fun-filled night with little Brooklyn, and she gets to get all dressed up for a Christmas party we are attending tonight! I love taking her places! The Christmas party is really a family get-together, my side of the family, but I still enjoy taking her anywhere. I always enjoyed taking my kids places and having fun with them, but it seems Brooklyn brings out the kid in me again!

Creeping up on the BIG 5-0, feeling like a kid again is refreshing! I’m at the age when you get up; it takes you getting out of bed, walking down to the kitchen and getting that first cup of coffee before you can stand straight up. I’m seriously thinking we need to get a new mattress, cause I certainly don’t want the last half of my life to be like this! Are any of you women having any troubles like this?

If you are going through something similar, leave me a comment, cause I’m curious if it’s me, or my age. Let me list these things out…cause yes, there is a list!

  • My bones are aching in the morning, I have to move around a bit before I feel normal.
  • I’m gaining weight way too easy – since Thanksgiving I have packed on a cool 10 lbs easy. It’s all in the middle section too…not liking it at all! I’m totally standing sideways taking my pictures!! Angles are everything!! lol!!! I’m back at the gym and watching my calorie intake, so I feel like I will be better in a month or so.
  • I can’t fall asleep very easy – insomnia is for the BIRDS!!!
  • I’m loving pants that have elastic waistbands – leggings are my new faves at home!! Comfort is #1 for me now lol

These are just a few issues, just curious if anyone else around 50 is having these issues. Drop a comment or send a message…I love hearing from you all!

Messy Chignon

If you are still having parties or dinners that are a little more formal at Christmas – I have the updo for you! This is one of the most popular updos that I wear. It’s a great easy updo if you have shoulder length hair. I will suggest that you tease it a little or spray some type of texturizing spray to give your hair some fullness. You want to work with hair that is not flimsy and won’t hold, you need dirty hair, or some product in your hair to help hold and bend.

Don’t be scared to throw some hairspray in your hair so you can bend it to hold the chignon. I have been using a texturizing paste, AG Hair Texture Paste, this is pliable, yet firm!! It’s great for short to medium hair and it provides long-lasting hod….which we will need with this updo.

Rub this is your hands and work it in your hair. I typically start at my roots and work my way through to the ends. I normally blow my hair out a little, just blow your hair with the hairdryer to fluff it up. I have put a video in down below for you to get a visual of exactly how to pull this look off.

Remember though, if pieces fall out, that’s ok. We are going for a messy chignon look. We don’t want it sleek and perfect, we want it messy and sexy looking! Mine is NOT perfect and that was what I was wanting. Something pulled back, chic looking, but still had some edge to it.

The trick with this look is to pull your hair back in a LOW ponytail, all the way to the base of your head, right at your neck. That way the front of your face is framed. Pull some pieces out to highlight your face if you like that look. Once you get it fixed you can spray your front to keep it in place.

What You Will Need

  • A ponytail holder, I use the elastic clear or brown small ones.
  • Some bobby pins (do people even call hairpins this anymore?) to secure your hair once you get it set.
  • Hairspray, my Choice is Kenra 25 Volume, you can spray your hair and not worry about it falling out of place!
  • If your hair goes flat after an hour or so, try this – Klorane Volume Leave-In Spray with Flax Fiber. This s perfect for fine, flat hair that loses shape after an hour or two or goes flat despite the best of styling efforts. The lightweight formula provides instant and long-lasting volume by lifting hair from the roots and supplies much-needed texture and protection making styling easier. Silicone-free, paraben-free. 

So the Process Begins….

This updo will last if you use the products I have suggested, all day long! You will still have that cute Chignon Twist when you are taking off your makeup!

I have A LOT of traffic (we just hit a milestone and have 1.6M monthly viewers for the entire page) on my Hair Boards on Pinterest and this updo along with the Easy One Step Messy Updo is the most saved and shared. Come over and follow along on Pinterest if you haven’t already. Since I took about 4 inches off my hair, I will be posting lots of updos and hairstyles starting in January. So keep a look out for those!

Good luck if you try this and I hope you look beautiful and most importantly, I hope you feel beautiful! When we feel pretty or killing a new outfit we just got, we seem to have more self-confidence and feel better about ourselves. So rock this look at your Christmas party, or rock it when you go to work! You’re going to look fabulous!! Stay Safe- Merry Christmas and Be BLESSED!

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